At St James’, we believe leadership is integral to lifelong learning. We aim to provide opportunities for students to demonstrate and develop leadership skills and to empower students to contribute to a positive school culture. Positive student leadership opportunities and experiences will facilitate the transition to secondary school and the world beyond. Student leadership at St James’ is driven by a strong sense of social justice through the service to others.

School Leaders

All Year 5 students are eligible to become student leaders for the following year. The process of becoming a school leader for the coming year begins in Term 3 of each year. Year 5 students wishing to become leaders must first write a letter of intention to the Principal outlining their wish to become a school leader and a playground initiative the student wishes to conduct. At the end of the initiative period, if students meet their commitment, they are invited to present a speech to the school community. After voting by the student body (includes students from Years 2 to 5), approval from the Principal and in consultation with school staff, two School Captains and eight Student Representatives are announced. The remaining students become Leaders. Students are presented with their badges at the Opening School Mass when in Year 6.