St James’ Parents and Friends Association play an important role in supporting the staff and students in our school. We try to organise, within the school, events for all. The Parents and Friends of St James’ go above and beyond, working collaboratively with the teachers and staff to achieve amazing outcomes for our school. We have many people who willingly commit their time and energy in supporting our wonderful school.

Over the course of the year, the P&F help organise plenty of events and activities to raise money for the school. This includes running the uniform shop and canteen, as well as orchestrating the Easter raffle, golf day, Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls. The money raised goes towards the purchase of necessary educational resources and to support the continuation of the Green Team, a group who volunteer their time to ensure students have the opportunity to interact with their very own veggie gardens and chickens.

Just by enrolling your child/children into St James’ you automatically become a member of the P&F. We have an informal monthly meeting on the first Monday of each month in the Learning Hub. At these meetings, various topics about the school are discussed. It is by far the best way to have an input in decision-making at the school.

We love seeing new faces and getting more parents on board, so please feel free to join us.