In line with our Mercy Charism, our social justice actions are targeted to respond to identified needs, both within our community and abroad. The school responds to these needs within the Catholic model of social justice of See, Judge, Act (Cardinal Joseph Cardijn, 1882–1967). We believe that our social justice actions allow us to participate in the mission of the Church and educates our students to develop an understanding of the pillars of social justice, as outlined in Catholic Social Teachings and defined through the Gospels.

Social Justice Actions 

  • Mini Vinnies Team – Lunch monitoring for students on their own, token counting and trophy awards for living our values, social justice awareness at assemblies – Harmony Day, NADOIC Week
  • Project Compassion during Lent (in conjunction with the parish)
  • St Vincent de Paul Winter appeal
  • The Indigenous Literacy Foundation Second-Hand Book Stall
  • Fundraiser for Mercy Works
  • Sister School in Fiji – book collection, letters written
  • Visits to Nursing Homes
  • Mission Day (Connected to Catholic Mission and Socktobercampaign)
  • St Vincent de Paul Christmas appeal