The staff at St James’ are driven by a deep belief that every student is capable of successful learning in a safe, supportive and inclusive environment. Teachers are committed to building responsive evidence-based practices, which are defined across the whole school.

A list of staff for 2024 can be found below:   

School Executive                                                

Principal: Mrs Sonya Boslem

Assistant Principal: Mrs Debra Petersen

Religious Education Coordinator: Mrs Patricia Miller

Primary Coordinator: Mr Joseph Hamilton

Senior Office Administrator: Mrs Carolyn Hanley

Office Administrators: Mrs Rachael Lakin

Priest: Fr Joseph Figurado

Class Teachers:

Mrs Rebecca Brown

Mrs Sharon Brown

Mrs Kim Carr

Mrs Maria D’Andrea

Mrs Paula Dart

Mrs Anna Dean

Mrs Ally Dougherty

Mrs Kate Frost

Mrs Tegan Fry

Mrs Monica Griffiths

Mr Joseph Hamilton

Mrs Madeleine Ireson

Mrs Cate Larke

Mrs Patricia Miller

Mrs Justine Owens

Mrs Debra Petersen

Miss Renee Pettet

Mrs Emma Pittman

Miss Taylor Stokes

Mrs Melissa Szekelyhidy

Mrs Renee Taylor

Mrs Kay Wallington

Mrs Jessica Wedesweiler

Teacher Librarians:

Mr Chris Coleman

Library Assistants:

Mrs Sue-Anne Churches

Mrs Natalie Farley

Learning Support Teacher:

Mrs Cate Larke

Mrs Amy Gibson

Learning Support Assistants:

Mrs Carla Hodgetts

Mrs Jenny Hopkins

Mrs Allison Houston

Mrs Louise Jennings

Mrs Rachael Lakin

Mrs Kristy Latham

Aboriginal Education Teacher:

Mrs Kate Frost

School Psychologist:

Ms Stacey Mortimer

Gifted Education Mentor:

Mr Joseph Hamilton

EALD Teacher:

Ms Donna Gibson

Pastoral Care:

Ms Claire McWilliam